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Beginning Improvisation is a simple method that teaches you how to play solos over Blues Progressions and Dominant 7ths in all 12 keys with the backing rhythm section audio tracks. These are the basics you need to get you started soloing.

The following 12 E-books are currently available for self-motivated students
in PDF format with MP3 practice audio files:

Why E-Books? You can download them - there are no shipping costs or fossil fuels used in delivery. They also save paper because you can print out one section at a time, only using what you need right now. That's really good for our environment. They will also keep you more focused on the task at hand because you won't be tempted to jump ahead before you decide you are ready.

Players of all levels can use the Beginning Improvisation method -
starting from your current level.

Beginners start with playing just the first few notes of the scale over each chord. When you're more comfortable, add more notes until you've learned them all. You can hear what the scales should sound like by listening to the audio tracks. After practicing them, you'll be able to play along with the examples.


Intermediate players can start with only the easiest octave for their instrument, which is the first one written in quarter notes. Add the next when you're ready for more.


Advanced players can use all the notes from each scale throughout the full range of their instrument. Once you know which notes to use, it's easy!


Need more time to practice playing over a particular chord? Set the track to repeat and play over it until you feel solid.


As a private music teacher, I was looking for a method to use with one of my students. He was very interested in learning the blues and jazz. I wanted a method that broke everything down to the simplest level so that any of my students could start with a solid foundation and build their skills from whatever level they are starting from, like I had learned in my private lessons with Dave Burns in New York. He'd record the chord changes on his piano at our lesson so I could practice improvising at home.


The key to this method is breaking down the elements into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then combining them into the whole progression. Once these skills are learned in the first key, it becomes easier to learn more challenging keys.


My private guitar student Deron is currently using Beginning Improvisation to learn his first blues progressions. For him, it is a dream come true! This eager young man inspired me to create this method and make it available to other teachers and their students so you can share in the joy of creating your own melodies in the moment.


Imagine how I was filled to overflowing with joy when I saw the light bulb go on in his mind when everything clicked for him in the first key! There's no better feeling in the world than that moment. Except maybe the next key, and the one after that...

I want you to feel the joy of playing your own solos!

I also support Music Education in the United States, so a portion of the proceeds from sales of Beginning Improvisation will be donated to MENC and other music education advocacy organizations to support their good works to keep music in our schools.

Julie C. Larson

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